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Studies in Political Economy

Projects exists to supplement the study of political economy.

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Our Projects

the southside group

The southside group is a biweekly lunch group composed of George Mason faculty and students. We are open to anyone interested in participating in an eclectic and serious discussion of contemporary problems under the broad rubric of political economy.

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The Political Economy of Authoritarianism

This lecture and workshop examine the character and strategies of economic development in authoritarian regimes. It emphasizes state- business relations and the combination of neoliberal prescriptions, class, and institutions of authoritarian control.

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The Political Economy of Oil

This lecture and workshop address the intricacies and intersections of oil, authoritarian rule, and regional/international relations in the Arabian Peninsula. The focus will be on the structures of oil economies and implications thereof.

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The Political Economy of Supply Chains

Focusing on the impressive mobility of multinational corporations and the extensive dispersal of their supply chains across the globe often leads analysts to assume that supply chains exemplify the logic of neoliberalism. However, supply chains rely on practices which run counter to neoliberal self-understandings, and complicate their relationship to the freedom of workers and consumers.

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Are Markets Just?

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics annual Public Lectures.

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